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We help businesses to consolidate performance data from different software and from different countries into one place using Finoko system. We create management reports that can be used in all supported languages.

Finoko makes it easy to plan business activities and control achievements of objectives if a from of Operation reports, P&L, CF, Balance, KPI dashboards.

We make management reports in English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Turkish and Russian

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Corporate budgeting
Business planing
Payment calendar management
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Management reporting system

Corporate budgeting

Financial modeling & Planing

Cash Flow Statement

KPI dashboards

ETL system for financial data

Management Reporting Systems

The management reporting systems are essential tools used by business managers to keep track of their company’s performance. The reports produced by these systems provide essential information regarding company performance, trends, and financial status. The data collected by the system is used by business managers to make strategic decisions and plan future operations.

A management reporting is a computer system used by business owners and managers to track and analyze the performance of their business. It used to produce regular reports that can help executives make informed decisions. MRS can be used to collect data from a variety of sources, including financial systems, customer profiles, production schedules, and inventory levels. The data gathered by an MRP can then be used to make informed decisions about how to run the business.

Difference between Management and Financial Reporting?

The main difference between management and financial reporting is that management reporting is focused on reporting data that is relevant to the business, while financial reporting is focused on reporting data that is relevant to shareholders.

Keep your KPI dashboards actionable

To keep your dashboards actionable and improve constantly, management reports should be used to track data and business performance. 

Various examples of management reports will be illustrated, fundamental practices will be explored and the benefits of digital dashboards will be examined.

Using the latest data visualization tools and dashboards can massively streamline the process of reporting – and there are free tools out there that present an ‘all reward, no risk’ scenario.

A business can use a dashboard to track their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The dashboard can help track business data and report on the performance of individual departments or divisions. This information can be used to improve business performance. Reports can also be generated to provide detailed analysis of the data gathered through the dashboard.

Make simpler, smarter business decisions driven by data

The best way to make simpler, smarter business decisions driven by data management reporting reports data business is by using a reporting tool that will help you aggregate and analyze the data collected from your organization’s systems.

A data management tool that will help you aggregate and analyze data collected from your organization’s systems will make simpler, smarter business decisions driven by data management reporting. Reports data business will allow you to understand your organization’s performance and to make better decisions based on the data collected.

One solution for collecting and understanding financial reports

Set of software tools for corporate performance management made for international companies

Simple, clear and secure management accounting for multilingual companies

Management Accounting Web Service for corporate budgeting, performance control, data consolidation from large number of software with ability to translate financial reports into any of supported language.

Best practice

Finoko can be used to create reports according to USALI, USAR and other systems / sets of reporting best practice.

Multilingual reporting

Transformation of National accounting reports to universal standards and translation into any supported languages.

Finoko soft systems

Web based solution and mobile application for management accounting, budgeting, corporate performance management, cash flow management and KPI dash boards.


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