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FINOKO is a management accounting software that can be locally installed on your computer or used as an internet application. Modern Internet technologies allow you to securely consolidate financial data from different software, from different countries and a number of entries in a single reporting system.

Finoko web service allows you to:

  • create key metrics (KPI’s) and setup system of performance control;
  • plan business activities and compare plans with actual results;
  • compare the performance of more than one company, region or company;
  • monitor the revenue and expenditure of the units and departments;
  • approve payment requests and plan payment days in a payment calendar;
  • Create multi-level reporting systems to automate revenue and expense budget (P&L), cash flow budget (CF), managerial budget, department budgets, summary reports.


Finoko’s accounting management software consolidates information on multiple business areas and entities from the software products used. 

We can exchange data with a large number of software: 

  • accounting software;
  • hotel management software: Fidelio,Opera, Libra;
  • restaurant management software: Micros, iiko, R_Keeper;
  • manufacturing software (ERP).

Planning in the Finoko service is done by scenarios. The system allows you to create a budget in multiple scenarios for both a company and a legal entity. For example annual and operational. 

The financial modeling service offers automation using financial models. For example, scheduled data can be loaded from EXCEL format and can be calculated based on scenarios and/or previous period. Financial modeling in Finoko allows you to create operations drivers and quickly recalculate budgets once something changes on the market or in your company.

The unit of measurement of actual data and plans in the report could be a day, week, month, quarter or a year. Outcomes could be compared:

  • actual with plans of a period;
  • current forecast of actual period and plan;
  • data from the same month of last year with currents actual;
  • actual of different departments;
  • actual from the beginning of the year with a certain month with the same period last year.

Finoko soft systems

Web based solution and mobile application for management accounting, budgeting, corporate performance management, cash flow management and KPI dash boards.


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