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Management reports reflect the way top management thinks, the objectives the company set. Companies achieve what they measure and track. Reporting system is unique just like peoples DNAs. And just like people all companies are unique but have a lot in common. This makes it possible to identify and reuse best practices.

We recommend starting with one of the ready to be used sets of reports most appropriate for your type of company. But do not consider a set of a standard reports as the only way and ultimate truth. Use it as a starting level and develop your own unique system that reflects your way of thinking.

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More that 20 years of experience in management accounting and software developing.

No troubles with history data. We load and save valuable data from legacy systems.

Experience in working in different countries and in different languages.

We have received numerous awards for our business practices.

We protect your data from damage and work on security issues.

We adapt to software solutions that your are using and consolidate, transform and translate accounting information.

Finoko soft systems

Web based solution and mobile application for management accounting, budgeting, corporate performance management, cash flow management and KPI dash boards.


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